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Can everyone use A La Carte Real Estate services?

Yes.  All prospective sellers are encouraged to call and set up a FREE consultation to learn more and see if A La Carte is a good fit for them. We invite Sellers, Investors, Banks, Landlords, Buyers, Agents and Closing attorneys to call.

What does M.L.S. stand for?

The MLS stands for "Multiple Listing Service". There is an MLS for every State. The MLS is an extensive database of salable real estate listed by licensed Real Estate professionals. Most residential real estate transactions are facilitated through the MLS.

Can I still sell my house the normal way?

Yes. Maine A La Carte Real Estate LLC still offers traditional style Agency services.

It's best if all parties know which type of agency they'd like to use before the house goes on the MLS.

This will be in your contract at the time of signing.

What type of Listing Agreement do I have to sign?

You have to sign an "Exclusive Agency" agreement. The reason it is "Exclusive Agency" is because per MLS Rules, one property can not be listed in the MLS by two different companies at the same time.

If you want to be listed in the MLS by another Agency, then you must first cancel your listing with Maine A La Carte Real Estate LLC. Then you are free to list with any traditional real estate company.

Do I need to offer a Commission?

Yes. To be on the MLS, the Seller is required to offer a Buyer's Agency Commission. The Seller only pays that commission if the property is sold to a Buyer who is represented by an Agent.

Can I still put out a "For Sale By Owner" yard sign?

Yes you can. The bigger, the better!

If you would prefer one of ours, we will ship it to you.

What is a "Fee for Service" Agency?

A Fee for Service Agency has the same Exclusive Agency relationship as a normal agency. The only difference is that the Seller pays small fees along the way instead of owing a large percentage commission to the seller agent at the closing table. In this "FEE for SERVICE" model, the seller decides who does the work; the seller him/her self or the Maine A La Carte agent. 

What forms does the seller need to fill out?

In order to stay compliant with all Federal, State and MLS Laws: all the required forms must be submitted to the listing agent before your property can be listed in MLS. 

This includes:

The Listing Agreement,

MLS Listing Data input sheet, 

Sellers Property Disclosures,

Lead Based Paint Disclosure

at least one digital photo.

Your Maine A La Carte Agent will help if you need assistance.

How does communication work with this type of Agency relationship?

If the Seller's contact information appears in the "Showing Instructions" section of the listing., buyers and their agents should contact the seller directly with the information provided.

If the Seller has opted for traditional real estate services, the preferred method will be through a Maine A La Carte representative.

What happens after I accept an offer I like?

Per MLS Rules, the Seller must inform Maine A La Carte Real Estate LLC within 1 business day of accepting an Offer. Verbal acceptance does not count, it must be in writing with both parties’ signatures.

What if I change my mind and want to work with another Realtor?

If you want to be listed in the MLS by another real estate agent, then you must Cancel your listing with Maine A La Carte first. There is no additional fee to end the agency relationship.

What do I do after the closing?

Per MLS Rules, the Seller must inform Maine A La Carte Real Estate LLC within 1 business day that the Closing has taken place.

What should I do with all the money I save?

Go somewhere warm and when you get home tell all your friends about Maine A La Carte Real Estate!

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