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January BLOG

Some interesting topics that have come up so far in 2023!

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Why book your AIRBNB early?

Booking your vacation rental early can have numerous benefits and can help you save money, secure the property you want, and reduce stress. Here are a few reasons why booking early is crucial for a successful vacation rental experience.

  1. Get the best price: Booking early can help you secure the best price for your vacation rental. Rental prices often increase closer to the date of the trip, so the earlier you book, the more you can potentially save.

  2. Increased availability: Booking early also gives you more options for rental properties. The earlier you book, the more choices you'll have in terms of size, location, and amenities. As time goes by, the availability of rental properties decreases, and you may end up with limited options.

  3. Reduced stress: Booking your vacation rental early can also help you avoid stress and anxiety leading up to your trip. With your rental secured, you can relax and focus on other aspects of your vacation, such as planning activities and packing.

  4. Time to plan: Booking early gives you ample time to plan your trip, make travel arrangements, and research activities and attractions in the area. This can lead to a more enjoyable and organized vacation experience.

  5. Confidence in your choice: When you book early, you have more time to research the rental property and the surrounding area. This can give you confidence in your choice and peace of mind knowing that you made a well-informed decision.

In conclusion, booking your vacation rental early can provide numerous benefits, from securing the best price to reducing stress and increasing your options. So, the next time you're planning a vacation, consider booking your rental property well in advance for the best possible experience.

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Best outdoor amenities to invest in for your short-term rental

  1. Outdoor seating: Comfortable seating options, such as lounge chairs, sofas, or a dining table, can provide a great place for guests to relax and enjoy the outdoor surroundings.

  2. Pool or hot tub: A private pool or hot tub can provide guests with a luxurious and relaxing experience during their stay.

  3. Grill: Providing a grill or outdoor kitchen area can make it easy for guests to cook and enjoy meals outdoors.

  4. Fire pit: A fire pit or outdoor fireplace can provide a cozy gathering place for guests to enjoy in the evenings.

  5. Outdoor shower: An outdoor shower can be a refreshing and practical amenity for guests who enjoy being outdoors or who have been swimming in the pool.

  6. Shade structures: Providing shade structures, such as umbrellas, pergolas, or gazebos, can help guests stay cool and protected from the sun.

  7. Landscaping: Beautiful and well-maintained landscaping can enhance the look and feel of the outdoor space, making it more inviting and appealing to guests.

  8. Lighting: Outdoor lighting can help create a warm and inviting ambiance in the evenings, making it easier for guests to navigate and enjoy the outdoor spaces.

  9. Game area: Providing outdoor games, such as a ping-pong table or horseshoe pit, can provide guests with additional entertainment options during their stay.

  10. Bike rental or storage: For guests who enjoy cycling, providing bike rental or storage options can make it easy for them to explore the surrounding area on two wheels.

In conclusion, adding outdoor amenities to a short term rental property can enhance guests' experience and make the property more appealing and memorable. The key is to choose amenities that are practical, comfortable, and that cater to the interests of your target guests.


Questions owners should ask their Property Manager

  1. What services are included in the management fee?

  2. How will rent collection and tenant screenings be handled?

  3. How will maintenance and repairs be managed and what is the process for emergency repairs?

  4. What is the process for handling tenant complaints and disputes?

  5. How will the property manager handle evictions if necessary?

  6. How often will the property be inspected and what is the protocol for reporting issues?

  7. What is the property manager's experience and expertise in the local market?

  8. How will the property manager ensure compliance with local laws and regulations?

  9. How is rent pricing determined and how often is it reviewed?

  10. What is the process for terminating the management contract?

  11. Can the property manager provide references from current or past clients?

  12. How is the property manager's performance evaluated and how often are evaluations conducted?

  13. What is the property manager's communication and reporting process for owners?

  14. How does the property manager handle emergencies outside of normal business hours?

These are all great questions to ask. This will begin the dialog between owner and manager. 

Never be shy about asking questions even if they seem simple. Each management company has different philosophies and different polices. ALWAYS ASK!

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How to stand out in a saturated AIRBNB market

  1. Wi-Fi: Fast and reliable Wi-Fi is essential for most travelers and is a top priority for many guests.

  2. Kitchen amenities: A well-equipped kitchen, including appliances, cookware, and tableware, can make it easier for guests to cook their own meals and save money on dining out.

  3. Linens and towels: Providing high-quality linens and towels can help guests feel comfortable and at home during their stay.

  4. Television and entertainment: Providing a TV with cable or streaming services and other entertainment options, such as games or books, can help guests relax and unwind during their down time.

  5. Washer and dryer: A washer and dryer can make it easier for guests to keep their clothes clean and fresh during their stay.

  6. Air conditioning and heating: A comfortable and well-maintained temperature control system can help guests feel comfortable and relaxed, regardless of the weather outside.

  7. On-site parking: Providing on-site parking can make it easier for guests to park their car and get around during their stay.

  8. Check-in/check-out flexibility: Offering flexible check-in and check-out times can help guests plan their itinerary and avoid feeling rushed during their stay.

  9. Keyless entry: A keyless entry system, such as a smart lock, can make it easier for guests to access the property and avoid having to carry a physical key.

  10. Cleaning services: Providing cleaning services, such as mid-stay cleaning or daily housekeeping, can help guests keep the property clean and tidy during their stay.

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Why switch from long-term rentals to short-term?

  1. Increased profitability: Short term rentals tend to have higher nightly rates than long term rentals, leading to increased profits for owners.

  2. Flexibility: Short term rentals offer more flexibility in terms of rental duration and tenant turnover, allowing owners to change the rental strategy as market conditions change.

  3. Higher occupancy rate: Vacation rental properties tend to have higher occupancy rates than long term rentals, leading to more consistent and predictable income.

  4. Location: Properties located in popular tourist destinations are often better suited for short term rentals as there is high demand for vacation accommodations.

  5. Diversifying income: By offering both long term and short term rentals, owners can diversify their rental income and mitigate risk.

  6. Tax benefits: Short term rentals may offer tax benefits, such as the ability to write off expenses like property repairs and maintenance.

  7. Capital appreciation: Properties in high-demand tourist destinations may appreciate in value over time, leading to long term financial benefits for owners.

  8. Personal use: Owners may want to switch their property to short term rental use to free up the property for personal use or to rent it out only during specific times of the year.

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Welcoming touches to offer new guests

Welcoming touches are a great way to make a positive first impression on short-term rental guests and to help create a warm and inviting atmosphere. These touches can include simple and practical items, such as a welcome basket filled with essentials such as snacks, coffee, and toiletries, or a personal note from the property owner or manager.


In addition to practical items, other welcoming touches can include decorative elements, such as fresh flowers, scented candles, or a vase of fresh fruit. These touches can help make the property feel more homely and inviting, and can help guests feel more relaxed and at ease during their stay.


Another important aspect of welcoming touches is ensuring that the property is well-stocked with basic supplies, such as toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning products. This can help guests feel more comfortable and secure during their stay, and can help prevent unexpected interruptions or inconvenience.

Welcoming touches can also extend to the outdoor spaces, such as a garden or patio, where guests can relax and enjoy the fresh air. Adding outdoor furniture, such as a table and chairs, or a hammock, can help guests make the most of these spaces and can help create a sense of serenity and tranquility.

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